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H20 Nano Hexacopter User Review

Review, Uncategorized December 8, 2015

This H20 Nano Hexacopter drone is better than the JJRC H8. This hex is much more stable.  The drone flies instantly and super stable. It has a one key return and you can lip it very nicely in the air. Set it high rate to go fast but it really pitch so don’t get scared it wont blow up. It’s advertise at 30 meters but you can push it further. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to do one-key return.

The best part about this tiny drone is if you lose transmission, it will drop but wont break. It just simply bounces on the ground.

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h20-hexacopter-drone-review-500x283 H20 Nano Hexacopter User Review Review Uncategorized

H20 Nano Hexacopter drone video demo and tutorial. DroneFlip is the best source of video review and tutorials for the JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter.

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