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Dromida vista FPV For Sale Cheap New and Used

Only used about 3 times in great shape. Original package. It comes with the controller, drone, camera, one battery and charger with spare blades and […]

Nixie Watch Camera Drone Review, Test and Price

Demo, News, Uncategorized April 8, 2016

Nixie is the first wearable camera that can fly. Yes you heard that correctly. You can wear Nixie like a watch and go on rock climbing, stop in the middle, remove the Nixie watch and let it fly to capture a candid video and photo selfie of you from the distance. Nixie can also follow you on a bike, ski or snowboard.

Watch Nixie Watch Camera Drone in Action: Continue reading …

This Human Drone will get you to Work on Time.

Demo, Uncategorized April 3, 2016

The Ehang 184 is a large size drone capable of carrying human passenger and fly for 23 minutes. Kind of like a flying car except it doesn’t run like a car on the road. It just flies up and down to and from your destination.

This Human Drone uses a large battery that charges up electronically for only 2 hours. It can reach a maximum altitude of 11,000 feet and speed up to 63 Miles per hour speed. The cabin is also fully air-conditioned.
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Easily create a Site Scan using 3DR Solo Drone

Demo, How To, Uncategorized March 16, 2016

3DR just published a video detailing how to use its Solo drone to automatically create a visualy 3D map of the site which is very useful for construction work.

The drone surveys and records areal footage that is then uploaded to the Site Scan cloud server.  The 3DR Solo drone easily deliver the data analytics to survey the worksite.

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Buy DJI Phantom 4 Cheap

Demo, Review, Uncategorized March 5, 2016

This is by far the best drone in the market with it’s very intelligent sensor that will protect your drone from accidentally crashing.

DJI Phantom 4 is so easy to fly right out of the box. Check out this Youtuber open one up and fly it on the coast of South Africa.

The Phantom 4 is powered by the most advance artificial intelligent computer to make maneuvers that are impossible for us to do in manual control. It also features machine learning technology to give your shot complex movements only Hollywood drone operators can perform in the past.

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Quadmovr Drone For Sale, Price, Order, Buy, Discount Coupon

Deals, Uncategorized December 15, 2015

Ready to fly the fastest quadcopter drone? The new Quadmovr is billed to be faster than the Phantoms, Inspire and Solo. The Quadmovr’s price is quite cheap compare to the other three quads mentioned. Continue reading …

Makerfire H250 3K Carbon Fiber Frame

Review, Uncategorized December 13, 2015

Cheap Makerfire H250 3K Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame for $23. This is H250 frame made of 3K carbon fiber. The motor to motor length is 250mm weighs 164 grams. Continue reading …

H20 Nano Hexacopter User Review

Review, Uncategorized December 8, 2015

This H20 Nano Hexacopter drone is better than the JJRC H8. This hex is much more stable.  The drone flies instantly and super stable. It has a one key return and you can lip it very nicely in the air. Set it high rate to go fast but it really pitch so don’t get scared it wont blow up. It’s advertise at 30 meters but you can push it further. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to do one-key return. Continue reading …

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter is on Sale (Save $50)

Deals, Review, Uncategorized December 7, 2015

The 3DR Solo uses a video game-style remote control that you can have familiarity is you often play video games.

Everything is at your fingertips. You can control everything in a snap like the camera and copters. You can land and take off without any unnecessary steps.

You can snap pics and adjust your framing while your fly this drone. It uses a high-quality HDMI feed from controller so you can attach it to any screen you want.
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Buy Cheap DJI Phantom 3 Drone for half price!

Deals, Demo, Review, Uncategorized December 6, 2015

If you’re looking to fly a DJI Phantom 3 and get to enjoy its advance features but do not want to pay $1,200 plus for it, then the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera is the best drone for you to buy.

Buy cheap DJI Phantom 3 – On sale today!

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Used B-Unstoppable hybrid Tank-Quadcopter Expendables 3 Drone.

News, Uncategorized September 30, 2015

A new drone that you can use indoor and outdoor. It’s a perfect toy drone for kids. You don’t need to worry about crashing this thing on first flight.
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