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How to Bypass Maximum Height on DJI Phantom Drone

How To November 2, 2017

Wondering why your Phantom 4 drone keeps stopping at 500 meters height? Are you wanting to fly higher but DJI system wont let you do that?

Well there is a big reason why DJI set the limit to 500 meters to avoid collision with low flying aircrafts. But in some cases, people want to fly their drone in remote areas where no planes fly.

Lucky for you, there is a hack that allows you to do this.

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Easily create a Site Scan using 3DR Solo Drone

Demo, How To, Uncategorized March 16, 2016

3DR just published a video detailing how to use its Solo drone to automatically create a visualy 3D map of the site which is very useful for construction work.

The drone surveys and records areal footage that is then uploaded to the Site Scan cloud server.  The 3DR Solo drone easily deliver the data analytics to survey the worksite.

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Rules and Regulations in Flying a Drone in Canada – Full Guide

How To, Uncategorized August 21, 2015

The Canadian Rules on flying Drones legally in Canada. Read this so you don’t get arrested or get fined for not knowing the rules. Although many people say that rules are meant to be broken, this is one of those rules you don’t want to take a risk on breaking.

Flying a drone in crowded places has a ton of risks. So read this quickly so you know what to do. It’s for your own benefits. Continue reading …

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