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Heli-Max 1SQ Transparent Clear Green and Orange Propeller Blades Props Rotor Set 55mm Factory Units

Deals August 16, 2017

Item Description

Includes The Following Products:

  • [Qty: 1] – Transparent Clear Green and Orange Propeller Blades Props Rotor Set 55mm Factory products

Compatible With:

  • 3D Flying FY8012
  • Ares Ethos QX 75
  • Ares Spectre X
  • Attop YD-713
  • Attop YD-716
  • Attop YD-928
  • Blue Mini Drone
  • Carson X4 Cam Quadcopter
  • Carson X4 Quadcopter Version 2 II
  • Cheerson CX-30w
  • Cheerson Flying Egg
  • DBPower RC Quadcopter Drone
  • Double Horse 9128
  • Dromida Kodo
  • Eachine CG022
  • Eachine X6 Hexacopter
  • Ei-Hi Alien Bug S80C
  • Estes Dart
  • Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 2.0
  • Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0
  • FuQi FQ777 124 pouch Drone Quadcopter 4ch 6-Axis Gyro
  • Heli-Max 1Si
  • Heli-Max 1SQ
  • Heli-Max 1SQ V-CAM
  • HobbyKing Mini X6 Micro Hexacopter
  • HobbyWinner Spyder X
  • Hubsan X4 H107
  • Hubsan X4 H107C
  • Hubsan X4 H107C+ PLUS
  • Hubsan X4 H107D
  • Hubsan X4 H107D 5.8Ghz
  • Hubsan X4 H107D+ Plus
  • Hubsan X4 H107L
  • Hubsan X4 Plus H107P
  • Hummingbird Micro Quadcopter
  • iDrone YiZhan i4W
  • JJRC 1000 2.4GHz
  • JJRC 1000A
  • JJRC F180
  • JXD 392
  • JXD JD-385
  • Micro Drone Quad Rotor
  • Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 2
  • Protocol SlipStream
  • Quadcopter Drone 3
  • Radio Shack Surveyor Drone
  • Revell QG 550 Mini Quadrocopter
  • Ribeisi Toys GWT-X5C celebrity Aircraft
  • ROA Hobby Alien X6 Hexacopter
  • Syma X2 6-Axis Quadcopter
  • Top Selling X6
  • Traxxas QR-1
  • UDI RC U816
  • UDI RC U816A
  • UDI RC U830
  • Walkera Hoten-X
  • Walkera QR Infra X
  • Walkera QR Ladybird
  • Walkera QR Ladybird 5.8Ghz FPV
  • Walkera QR Ladybird V1 6-Axis
  • Walkera QR Ladybird V1 6-Axis 5.8Ghz FPV
  • Walkera QR Ladybird V2 3-Axis

Price: $4.25

  • For: Heli-Max 1SQ
  • Fast free delivery From the USA!
  • Expedited Shipping possibilities!
  • Get with Confidence!
  • Also appropriate for: any kind of custom application you are able to dream up!

JJRC 1000 Outdoor Flight Test Evaluation and Demo

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