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Killer Military Drone Now For Sale

News December 1, 2017

The effect on the recent rise in consumer drone market gives full reality to the our fear of killer drone in the hands of people…good or bad. Just like guns on the hands of citizens legally.

At the 2017 Dubai Air Show, a military grade killer drone carrying a precision guided microbomb was put on display. The drone is called Fury. You can only guess what the purpose of this drone is just by its name.

The drone can be operational by a single user so we can only fear the worse if this drone gets in the hands of the bad guys.

The drone is lazer guided and have a precision of three feet. So if we want to hear great news, this small precision distance might be it.

The technology is still new so that distance would only increase.

However, we should take note that according to Aviation Week website, this drone is capable of traveling 70 miles per hour and very silent at the altitude of 1,000 feet.

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