Police is using new DJI AeroScope to Spy on Drone Operators

News October 18, 2017

Watch out drone operators flying illegally. Police are now able to spot your drone from the air and trace it back to you “the owner”.

So even if you’re operating your long-range drone like the DJI Inspire 3 from miles away, the cops are still able to find you with a simple point and scan to the sky using DJI AeroScope. Oh crap!

This makes our skies highly regulated and on the flip side, safer?

Yes. Gone are the days when you can simply fly the drone anywhere and not get caught.

This also makes it tough for you to rent out your drone because if they do bad things with it, you “the owner” may be liable.

Police able to trace drone owner using registration number by aiming the DJI AeroScope

So as a drone renter, you have to add extra precautions to ensure your drone that is registered to you is not being flown illegally.

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