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Rules and Regulations in Flying a Drone in Canada – Full Guide

How To, Uncategorized August 21, 2015

The Canadian Rules on flying Drones legally in Canada. Read this so you don’t get arrested or get fined for not knowing the rules. Although many people say that rules are meant to be broken, this is one of those rules you don’t want to take a risk on breaking.

Flying a drone in crowded places has a ton of risks. So read this quickly so you know what to do. It’s for your own benefits.

Canadian Aviation Rules on Flying a Drone Legally.

So you want to fly a drone for fun. Perhaps you want to make money too by working for realtors and film productions.

The reality is, drone is becoming part of our life whether we fly it or not. Look up at the sky and you’ll see one buzzing around. Is it safe? That’s the argument. Drones falling from hundreds of feet above can definitely cause a lot of damages.

Safety is just a one part of it. Privacy is the other thing we worry about.

This is why the Canadian Aviation came up with pretty detailed regulations on how you can legally fly a drone without getting a massive fine or even get arrested.

Each provinces and municipals have their own territorial laws for flying drones legally.

Rules and Regulations in Flying a Drone in Canada

What’s the basic rule of thumb for flying drones legally?

If you’re drone weighs 35lbs and below and you’re just using it for recreational purpose, then you legally flying it without any permits.

If your drone is over this weight limit and you’re doing it for commercial use, you need to get a permit from the Canadian Aviation. If you try to break the law, you may be subject to a big fine.

Why do Transport Department care so much about regulating flying thees drones?

Well there’s a lot of reasons. People have very creative minds so when we’re given something without any rules and boundaries, we do stupid stuff like shooting fireworks at a guy trying to run away or adding a lethal firearms and firing it.

So what are the rules or the DO’s and DON’T’s?

  • DO Fly your aircraft during daylight and in good weather. Don’t try to get super cool footage of the storm because no drones are ready for that kind of flying.
  • DO Always keep your drone in sight. If you think flying a drone is like your videogame UAV style, it’s not. If you hit something and cause an accident, be ready to get a good lawyer because you’ll be on the hook.
  • DO Make absolutely sure that prior to taking off it’s safe? Look around and make sure there’s not kites, helicopters, etc.
  • DO apply for a Special Flight Operations Certificate for situations you are required to have this.
  • DON’T use your drone to spy on others. Respect people’s privacy.
  • DON’T fly your drone 9 kilometers from any type of airport.
  • DON’T fly above 90 meters because you might hit manned flying vehicles like airplanes and helicopters.
  • DON’T fly above massive crowd like concerts, sporting events and yes, especially fireworks.
  • DON’T fly close to a moving vehicle to try to get your Michael Bay shots. You need to be certified to do this kind of flying.
  • DON’T interfere with rescue vehicles. So if there’s a forest fire, please don’t fly your drone.

To apply for Special Flight Operations Certificate, go to this link

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