Used CyPhy PARC Drone For Sale

Demo, Uncategorized May 5, 2015

Used PARC drone by CyPhy is its advance UAV that stands for Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications. The definition is definitely military. The look of the PARC drone is not friendly either. If this drone flies over people it will sure intimidate them.

The Used PARC drone is capable of long term and persistent stare for reliable long distance communications.

This used drone is completely autonomous as it can fly itself up to 10,000 feet in density altitude. This high altitude flight abilities allows it to be used for long distance communications.


Features includes:

Ground power, secured communications using GCS and may not be hacked. High quality full frame video, Combine EO/IR, Gyro Stabilization for camera gimbal, 500 feet guaranteed altitude, fully autonomous operation.